Vollmer believes that health, safety and environmental concerns are the responsibility of every employee and person on the job site—no matter what their title or position.

Our employees are well versed in all health and safety areas and work together with Vollmer’s resident safety coordinator to achieve a unified goal of eliminating injuries from our job sites.

At Vollmer, the health and safety of our Employees is our top priority. We are committed to zero work related injuries and illnesses.

We recognize the responsibility of Management and Supervisors to ensure that safe and healthy conditions are maintained in our workplaces.

We are committed to ensure each Employee understands their responsibility in regards to following all health and safety policies and procedures, reporting all unsafe and/or unhealthy conditions and working in safe and healthy manner. We encourage a proactive environment where workers can stop work and intervene when unsafe conditions occur.

We coordinate safety training, tool box talks, daily huddles and much more for all workers as we make Worker safety a priority.

All our sub-contractors additionally work in accordance with our policies, procedures and practices and in compliance with all legislative requirements.

  By working together and giving careful attention to health and safety, we will meet our shared objectives of a healthy and safe working environment.